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Quiche is a popular, savory egg dish that is baked in pie crust along with cheese and a variety of different fillings. Quiche is a popular brunch option, but is also delicious for breakfast, lunch or dinner! If you’re wondering what to serve with quiche, then you’re in the right place!

When serving quiche for breakfast, lunch or brunch, many people find themselves wondering how to choose delicious quiche side dishes.

What to serve with quiche

Since quiche is packed with protein (from the eggs) and also contains lots of starchy carbs (from the pie crust), the most common choice for a quiche side dish is veggies. The veggie side dishes can be both cooked or raw, simple or complex.

In addition to veggies, fruit also makes a delicious quiche side dish. Fresh baked muffins, bread and soup are also popular choices!

  • Garden fresh salad
  • Marinated, oven-roasted vegetables
  • Fresh veggie tray with hummus or dip
  • Fruit salad
  • Chopped fresh fruit with chocolate hummus or sweet fruit dip
  • Baked goods like muffins and banana bread
  • Fresh baked bread – sourdough, multigrain, French, No-Knead Overnight Bread… the choices are endless!
  • Fresh baked rolls or biscuits
  • Soup – Creamy or broth based, any type of soup would be delicious!
  • Roasted or home fried potatoes

Scroll down to see my list of top 10 quiche side dishes!

Quiche Fillings

My favorite way to make quiche is with lots of cheese, bacon and broccoli. Quiche is so popular though, because the filling combinations are endless!

  • Different meats – Bacon, ground sausage, turkey bacon, Canadian bacon, ham steaks, deli ham
  • Veggies – Broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, peppers, onions, tomatoes
  • Cheese – Cheddar, mozzarella, parmesan, goat, feta
  • Starchy veggies – Potatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut squash

Quiche Pie Crust

You actually have a variety of different options when it comes to choosing a pie crust for your quiche!

  • Homemade pie crust
  • Store-bought pie crust
  • Sweet potato pie crust
  • Gluten free pie crust
  • Paleo pie crust

Difference between a quiche and a frittata

There are a few key differences between a quiche and a frittata. A quiche is made with a pie crust. A frittata does not have any crust at all. A quiche is baked in a pie pan, while a frittata is baked in a frying pan. A cast iron skillet works really well for making a frittata! Since a frittata does not have a crust, it is usually a very low-carb meal. Quiche is not low-carb because of the crust which is usually made from flour. The main ingredient in both a quiche and a frittata is eggs. In a quiche though, you usually add milk or Greek yogurt in addition to the eggs to give the quiche a light and airy texture. A frittata is usually just eggs which makes a frittata more dense.

How to make quiche lower in calories

Since the main ingredient in quiche is eggs, quiche can be really high in fat and calories. Some recipes allow you to substitute out some of the eggs for just egg whites. I have also made quiche before that uses less eggs and adds 0% Greek yogurt instead. Greek yogurt is high in protein and can be low in fat and calories.

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Image of a large quiche in a white pie plate, garnished with green onions, set on top of a grey napkin

Top 10 quiche side dishes

Fresh baked bread

Fresh baked loaf of bread on a dark countertop.

This recipe for No-Knead Overnight Bread is as simple as it gets! Bread baking can be intimidating for the beginner baker. However, when you find a recipe like this, you will feel like a pro in no time! You only need a few minutes at bedtime, plus a handful of ingredients to get started. When you wake up in the morning, pop your bread in the oven and surprise your family at breakfast with a fresh, delicious loaf of homemade bread. READ MORE

Banana bread

banana bread with streusel topping on white parchment paper.

A quick and easy sweet bread like banana bread is the perfect side dish for quiche. This recipe for banana bread mixed up easily in one mixing bowl, doesn’t require you to use an electric mixer and contains an extra dose of fiber! As an added bonus, it has a sweet and crunchy streusel topping! READ MORE

Fresh green salad

Roasted vegetable and fresh vegetable salad topped with panko crusted fried goat cheese.  Salad is in a large bowl and two wooden serving spoons are in the top right corner of the image.

A garden fresh salad is a top choice when it comes to figuring out what to serve with quiche. Salads provide lots of nutrition and fiber and will help fill you up while you are enjoying your slice of homemade quiche. This salad is an Asparagus Salad with Fried Goat Cheese. This delicious salad contains roasted onions and garlic, sautéed asparagus, plenty of fresh crisp greens and is topped with panko crusted goat cheese. READ MORE

Fresh fruit salad

Fruit salad in a small bowl on a brown wooden countertop

A fresh fruit salad is a bright and beautiful side dish that will add color and flavor to your meal. Fruit salad normally contains more than just a mixture of chopped fresh fruit. In addition to fruit, fruit salad will also contain some kind of a dressing or cream to blend the flavors of the salad together. The different dressings can be creamy, sweet or savory. They often contain a main ingredient that will add a pop of flavor like fresh mint, lime juice or shredded coconut. Check out this fruit salad from Crowded Kitchen that contains stone fruit, fresh berries and a savory lemon maple thyme dressing. READ MORE

Homemade dinner rolls

Homemade soft dinner rolls on a baking tray that are a side dish when trying to figure out what to serve with quiche

Soft, buttery dinner rolls go well with just about any main dish. When trying to decide what to serve with quiche though, soft dinner rolls are an easy choice! Here is a dinner roll recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction that I think would be the perfect choice. READ MORE

Marinated roasted vegetables

Roasted vegetables on a black tray

Almost all vegetables lend themselves well to roasting. This recipe from Jessica in the Kitchen for roasted eggplant, zucchini, peppers, onions and eggplant with a balsamic marinade sounds like a crowd pleaser! READ MORE

Creamy Tomato Soup

tomato soup in a white bowl, garnished with fresh basil, tomatoes on the vine in the background

Creamy tomato soup is one of my favorite, classic soup recipes. I love that most tomato soup recipes require minimal ingredients and are delicious anytime of year. Tomato soup is one of the few soup recipes that I actually crave in the hot summer months, due to tomatoes being in season! Try this tomato soup recipe from from Spoon Fork Bacon. READ MORE

Sausage, Kale and White Bean Soup

Kale, sausage and white bean soup in a white bowl

Sausage, Kale and White Bean Soup is a soup recipe I make several times a year. I love that it is a complete meal all in one bowl and that the kale holds up to multiple rounds of reheating. This Sausage, Kale and White Bean Soup recipe from Pinch of Yum sounds delicious! READ MORE

Fresh vegetable tray with creamy dill dip

Carrots, cucumbers and red peppers cut into slices and in small white dishes

When it comes to side dishes, a fresh veggie platter is as classic as it gets. Not to mention simple and easy! You can make your own veggie platter or pick one up from a grocery store! Serve my Creamy Dill Salad Dressing and Dip with your next veggie platter. READ MORE

Home Fried Potatoes

home fried potatoes in a cast iron skillet

If you are serving quiche for breakfast or brunch, I think home fries are a must! Home fries are a standard side dish at any breakfast diner, but you can definitely make them at home too! All it takes are potatoes, a few seasonings and a diced onion! Check out this Home Fried Potato recipe from The Cookie Rookie! READ MORE

Tell me your favorite quiche side dish in the comments below!