About Me

I’m Katie, the food blogger, recipe creator and food photographer at Sugar & Snap Peas. I specialize in easy, budget friendly, family recipes. My goal is to help you take the stress out of cooking and provide you with simple & creative meals.

Check out some of my favorite recipes that I have created so far, my Pink Pasta Sauce – Tomato Cream Sauce with Ground Turkey, Roasted Chicken with Garlic Herb Butter and Baked Panko Cod with Lemon and Dill.

My food blogging journey started in March of 2021. However, my cooking journey started decades before that. I was raised in a home where made-from-scratch meals were the norm. I inherited the desire to make homemade meals, and have carried it with me throughout my life.

I don’t have any recent or distant memories of being intimidated by the kitchen. In fact, I actually love the challenge of coming up with a delicious meal on the spot, without any prior knowledge of what’s in the fridge or pantry.

Cooking for people that are special to me is my love language. Even though I do not have any professional culinary training, I do have decades of personal experience. I have experience cooking for college friends, hosting dinner parties and preparing delicious meals for my husband.

In addition to cooking for friends and family, I also have the honor of providing nourishing meals for my three young children. Kids can be your biggest critic! They have forced me to expand beyond my cooking comfort zones. So when my kids say they aren’t eating something I have made for them, I have to reinvent it in a way that will be appealing to a young child.

My children regularly request my Berry Skewers with Sweet Cream Cheese Dip, Chocolate Chip Banana Bread with Streusel Topping and Greek Yogurt Fruit Bark.

As a stay-at-home mom, my days start and end in the kitchen. You’ll also find many moments in between morning and evening, where I am standing behind my kitchen island. I could be whipping up anything from a garden salad to a batch of chocolate chip cookies.

Even though I despise doing the dishes, I LOVE filling the bellies of people that are dear to me. For that reason, I will gladly fill my kitchen sink with dirty dishes, if it means I get to shower the people I love with mouthwatering meals.

Where am I featured?

In addition to being featured on multiple recipe roundup posts, you can also find me in these two articles from MSN and Parade!

Q & A with me

Where are you from?

I live in Northern NY along the beautiful St. Lawrence River. I was born and raised here, and decided to make a life for myself here as well.

How big is your family?

I am married to my husband (we met in high school!) and we have three amazing daughters together. I have 1 younger brother, dozens of cousins, aunts & uncles, 2 brothers-in-law and 2 sisters-in-law. I also have 2 parents and 2 in-law parents.

What is your favorite food?

This is a tough one! I am a foodie and have sooooo many favorites. I love fresh seafood, especially shrimp, lobster and scallops. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and my favorite breakfast treats always include cinnamon paired with a powdered sugar glaze and streusel topping. However, that would never be my main breakfast meal. I prefer a savory breakfast and always opt for an egg dish with bacon on the side. I also love fresh vegetables and regularly get told that I make the BEST salads.

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging for many reasons. Cooking and writing come naturally to me, so combining my talents and sharing them with the world made perfect sense. Another reason is because I am currently a stay-at-home mom that will potentially be entering back into the workforce in a few years. My goal is to create a blogging job for myself (that actually pays the bills!) so that I can continue to stay at home with my family indefinitely.

What are your favorite cookbooks?

If you ever visited my home and looked through my cookbook collection, it would be very easy to tell which cookbooks are my favorites! They are the cookbooks that are covered in food splatter, have broken bindings and dog-eared pages. My top two cookbooks that I reference time and time again are The Happy Cook by Daphne Oz and the Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook. The Happy Cook is packed full of creative, veggie-forward meals. The New Cookbook contains all of the tried-and-true classic recipes. It’s my go-to cookbook when I am making a birthday cake and it has NEVER let me down.

Work with me

I offer a variety of services ranging from recipe development to sponsored posts. If your goals, values and company mission align with mine, then I will be nothing but excited to work with you!

  • Recipe Development – Do you need a custom recipe for a product? Developing tasty and delicious recipes is my specialty. I will always provide you with a recipe that is thoroughly tested, incredibly well thought out, and formulated to please a crowd. In addition, I have experience in working with gluten free, dairy free and vegan products. I can also produce beautifully styled and edited photographs to go along with my recipe.
  • Sponsored Posts – I only work with brands that I love. Thankfully, I love a lot of brands! Do you want want a shoutout on social media and a blog post written accompanied by a recipe? Don’t be afraid to reach out to me so that we can develop a sponsorship that benefits both of us!
  • Affiliate Marketing – Do you have a discount code that I can offer to my followers? If you have a product/brand that aligns with me, then we should talk!

How to reach me

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  • Find me on Instagram at: sugar_and_snap_peas

Now that you know a little more about me, I hope you try out some of my recipes! They are made from the heart, thoroughly tested and already loved by many. If you try something out, make sure to leave a review at the bottom of the post.